Matt Gutman

ABC News channel’s Chief National Correspondent, Matt Gutman, was born on December 5, 1977, in New Jersey, USA. The correspondent came to the limelight after the ABC news channel suspended him. It was for an incorrect statement of Kobe Bryant’s death. Gutman had mistakenly claimed that the helicopter crash in Calabasas’s hills was all four […]

Deborah Sharp

Former reporter of USA Today, Deborah Sharp, is an Author. She has been writings funny books with little twists. Most of the time, she describes her book “Mace Bauer Mystery Series” as a Funny Mystery book. Her books also focus on peoples with special interests in Chronic and Catastrophic Illness and Disability. The American Author, […]

Yamiche Alcindor

Formerly a national reporter for The New York Times, Yamiche Alcindor is concerned with politics and social law topics. She wrote on Donald J. Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns. She also wrote about President Obama’s legacy, the vibrant voters and apprehension of the working-class Americans, and how police murders impact neighborhoods and children. She […]

Deborah Norville

Deborah Norville is an American TV-Journalist and businesswoman. She is also the anchor of Inside Edition, a news magazine. Also, she has won various awards like Miss Georgia Junior and Emmy Award-winner. Despite being 62, she still seems glamourous. Norville was born on August 8, 1958, in Dalton, Georgia, of the USA. She has gone […]

Sharon Resultan

Sharon Resultan is an American News anchor and Meteorologist. Born on February 1, 1965, in Toledo Ogio, she belongs to a high-class family. She is a beautiful meteorologist with vast knowledge and experience in the field of her work. The beautiful meteorologist is talented, hard-working, and also she has her ways of maintaining her body. […]

Isa Soares

Isa Soares is an award-winning international anchor, journalist, and correspondent. Moreover, she came into the limelight after she started working as a correspondent for the CNN News network. Besides that, she has also co0ancors a program called Your World Today with Isa Soares and Cyrill Vanier. Furthermore, Isa is also a married woman who is […]

Guillermo Arduino

Guillermo Arduino is an Argentinian journalist. Moreover, he came into the limelight after presenting his reporter on CNN news network. Also, he is the news anchor and correspondent for the CNN news network. Besides that, has also worked in other broadcasting station like NBC International language. Furthermore, Guillermo has already made his name from his […]