Vicky Ward

Vicky Ward is a British-American author, investigative journalist, editor, at-large, and TV commentator. Moreover, she is famous for being the senior reporter at CNN and a former magazine and newspaper editor. Besides that, she is also the best selling author for the New York Times as well. Furthermore, Vicky was married once on her life

Samantha Vinograd

Samantha Vinograd is an American political commentator who currently serves as a National Security Analyst at CNN. Also, she is a co-founder and managing director of the Global Opportunity Advisors. Besides, she is popular as an advisor at various important positions during Barack Obama’s presidency. More than professional life, Samantha’s audiences and followers are curious

Melanie Zanona

Melanie Zanona is an American reporter. Moreover, she rose to fame after she became the staff writer of The Hill. Besides that, she has also worked as Legislative Action Reporter, Policy Reporter, and Editorial Assistant at major firms in the United States of America. Furthermore, Melanie has already quit working for The Hill, and currently,