Halimah Kyrgios

Model, dancer, and singer Halimah Kyrgios came to fame for his famous professional Australian Tennis Player, Nick Krygios. Although Halimah is a model herself, her fame came by appearing in Nick’s matches. Her presence in the game motivated her sibling and also got more attention to the game. Kyrgios is currently in her late 20’s. […]

Endy Shelton

Old sister to the famous Country singer Endy Shelton is a Jewelry Designer. The designer got famous through her family. Her brother is Blake Shelton and Richie Shelton. Miranda Lambert, Blakes’ Ex-wife, inspired Endy Shelton for her Jewelry Designs. She was born on March 7, 1972, in Oklahoma, US. She was born to parents Dorothy […]

Kashmira Bulsara

Some people just came into the limelight after being a family member of a famous person. Similarly, Kashmira Bulsara is also one of the famous sisters of Freddie Mercury who is a British singer, songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of the famous Band The Queen. Furthermore, Kashmira is also famous for being the wife […]

Patricia Nonnenmacher Bundchen

There are many people who came into the limelight with the help of their partner or their siblings. Similarly, Patricia Nonnenmacher Bundchen who rose to fame by becoming the twin sister of the famous multi-talent model Gisele Bundchen. Gisele has already made her name by taking part on the ramp and many international fashion events. […]

Jerid Yaw

Jerid Yaw is an underground hip hop artist and owner of Language Arts Clothing Company. He was born in Long Beach, in June 29, 1985.He’s the older brother of mega successful YouTuber Shane Dawson, star of the internet series, Shane Dawson TV.His mother, Teresa Yaw created her own channel called MaMa Dawson. He is known as CoolGuyWithGlasses […]

Jayce Cicchino

There are many people who came into the limelight because of their relationship with famous stars. Similarly, Jayce rose to fame as the twin sister of Nickelodeon star Cree Cicchino. Moreover, Jayce was born just one minute before Cree which is the reason she became an older sister. Furthermore, Jayce is a dancer like her […]