Body Measurement of Sascha Ferguson

Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde

Personal Info of Sascha Ferguson

Relationship of Sascha Ferguson

  • Marital StatusDivorced
  • SpouseCraig Ferguson
  • Married DateJuly 18, 1998
  • ChildrenMilo Hamish Ferguson

Other Information of Sascha Ferguson

TV Show The Big Tease

Born as Sascha Gabriella Corwin is now known as Sasha Ferguson. She is a popular actress. Her biggest hit was The Big Tease. She married Craig Ferguson.

Sascha in Musée du Louvre of Paris
Sascha in Musée du Louvre of Paris
Source: Instagram

Sascha came to fame mostly for being the spouse of the famous American television host and actor Craig Ferguson. In current days, she stopped her acting career and is a founder of SpySchool. It is a school teaching women about self-defense.

Net Worth of Sascha Ferguson

Actress Sascha is not known too much for her success; Craig Ferguson’s relationship has made her presence apparent. Her Net Worth has not been revealed so far. Through her profession, she might have made a significant sum of money.

She must have earned a heavy $5 million according to various accounts from her divorce settlement. The Big Tease also shared a national gross of $187,152 in one of the popular Sascha movies. The net worth of her former husband Craig Ferguson as of 2020 was $30.5 million. She also owns $30 million in assets. Megan Wallace Cunningham coupled with his present wife.

She began working on consumer design plans for customers, CVO Tours De Force, in 2007, after completion of her training. She is also CEO of a gym in Los Angeles called the Total Fitness Complex. Her gym focuses primarily on multiple self-defense courses, rock climbing, circus arts, and dance.

In addition to the gym, in 2011, she opened her own Spy Academy. Sascha also has a credit for acting. She got the chance to work in the comedy film ‘The Big Tease’ in 1999. She and her former husband Craig Ferguson played in the movie.

The relationship status of Sascha Ferguson

Relationship between Sascha Ferguson and Craig. In 1995, the pair first met. They began dating shortly after—the couple dated three years before they wed.

In 1998, Sascha and her husband Craig Ferguson, walked down the aisle. The pair had a ceremony for their private wedding. Before this, he married Anne Hogarth; she was Craig’s second wife (m.1983 -1986). Two years after their union, Sacha brought into birth a son named Milo Hamish Ferguson. Milo, her son, came to life in 2001.

Milo Ferguson with his mother, Sascha
Milo Ferguson with his mother, Sascha
Source: Instagram

Not every wedding life ends happily in its fairytale. The married life of the couple appeared fine from the outside, but they had internal disagreements.

The marriage of the couple did not succeed in 2004. The couple shared their only son Milo’s joint custody. Following the divorce. Since their divorce, they are on good terms.

Sascha Ferguson’s Ex-Husband’s Net Worth

Ferguson, who has a net valuation of $30million, is a Scottish-American comedian, singer, journalist, director, producer, and voice actor. His annual salary is estimated to be around $8.5 million.

Craig is possibly best-known for hosting an Emmy Nomination, a Peabody Award-winning late-night talk show, broadcast on CBS, at the “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” Craig earned $8.5 million in annual compensation on his height hosting the “Late Late Show.”

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