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American Fashion designer Melanie Lynn Clapp came to the spotlight after marrying the famous actor, screenwriter, and comedian, Johnny Knoxville. She is quite competitive in the fashion designing world. Her name is quite renowned in the professional fashion designing world. Her fame only increased after marrying the actor.

Melanie came to fame through Johnny, but the couple divorced and aren’t together anymore.

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Net Worth of Melanie Lynn Clapp

Melanie has a Net Worth of $2 million. Although she earned fame through her ex-husband, she has made a considerable sum. The fashion designer lives in a lavish house in Austin and has no financial troubles. She has her own fashion designing company.

According to various researches, a fashion designer earns almost $73,790. The designer is quite shy about financial issues and has not addressed anything to the media. She likes to keep her private life to herself, away from the unnecessary spotlight of the media.

Also, Melanie has opened her own website called “SideStreetHome.” It is in Austin and sells different designed Chairs, Cases, Rugs, Soaps, and many more. She is also active on her Instagram.

Besides Melanie’s own Net Worth, her ex-husband, Johnny Knoxville, has a Net Worth of $75 million. Johnny earned a massive chunk of his Net Worth through an MTV Reality show named Jackass. The show lasted for three years, from 2000 to 2002.

Johnny’s Reality show ended in 2002; however, movies of Jackass were released in 2007 and 2010. They consisted of stunts, deleted scenes, and photographs from the previous show, Jackass. The actor has also played in Action Point, a comedy movie of 2018.

Personal Life of Melanie Lynn Clap

Lynn married Johnny, but the history between them is relatively unknown. They married on May 15, 1995. The couple were together for a long time and were together in hard times. Johnny had a gambling addiction. Melanie helped him get over it. The couple supported each other in their tough times.

Family of Johnny and Melanie
Family of Johnny and Melanie
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The ex-couple were in the right spot and even got a child. They had a beautiful baby girl named Madison Clapp. Knoxville became a father and quit gambling for his family. Maddison came into this world in 1996.

Both Melanie and Johnny have custody of Maddison together, but the total truth is yet not revealed. Currently, the adorable daughter is in her mid-20s and decided to be a writer. She is the writer of the magazine Chickenbutt. Although apart from her father and mother from time to time, she maintained good relations with both of them.

Currently, Melanie has kept her social accounts private and has not shared any details with the world. Most probably, Melanie is single and not dating anyone.

Ex-husband of Melanie Lynn Clap’s relationship

After the divorce from fashion designer Melanie, Johnny started dating Naomi Nelson. The two married in September 2010 and are still together. The couple adores each other and has an intimate relationship with each other.

Naomi Nelson and her husband Johnny
Naomi Nelson and her husband Johnny
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Naomi and Johnny have two children together; Arlo Clapp and Rocko Akira Clapp.

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