Body Measurement of Maragret Olivia Lagina

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorWhite

Personal Info of Maragret Olivia Lagina

  • Birth NameMaragret Olivia
  • Full NameMaragret Olivia Lagina
  • GenderFemale
  • Date of Birth //
  • Birth CountryUSA
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityWhite
  • ReligionChristian
  • Star SignAquarius
  • ProfessionEngineer

Relationship of Maragret Olivia Lagina

  • Marital StatusMarried
  • SpouseMarty Lagina
  • ChildrenAlex Lagina, Maddie Lagina

Other Information of Maragret Olivia Lagina

School Rutgers College

Married to Engineer, Vintner, and a star, Marty Lagina, M Olivia enjoys a celebrity life. The celebrity wife is secretive of her personal life and is only active on Facebook. She is also known as Olivia Lagina.

Olivia’s husband is not only an engineer but also an actor. He came to fame for the Reality Show that he owns, The Curse of Oak Island. The show consists of himself and his brother, who hunt treasure mysteries.

What is M Olivia Lagina’s Net Worth?

M Olivia is also an Engineer and might have earned a fortune. Since she is secretive of her personal life, she has not disclosed her Net Worth or Salary to date.

Besides Olivia, Marty has a massive Net Worth of $100 million. He has amassed such hefty Net Worth through his active career in Engineering and Acting. In the reality show, the brothers attempt to find treasure buried on islands. Family Restall inspired them. Theories claim it could be leftovers from the gold merchants in the early 1300s.

Oak Island Scene of Marty Lagina
Oak Island Scene of Marty Lagina
Source: tvinsider

The brothers spend 50% of fundings from their company for equipment and research purposes. They use the most advanced equipment, which cost can go up to millions. With so much invested, the brothers also have got some historically essential items. Some finds of it can prove to be history-changing.

After his long time in the career, Marty sold off the company for $58 million. Marty has an interest in wines made out of grapes. The family started a Winery named Mari Winery.

With such a massive Net Worth, the family enjoys a luxurious life.

Relationship of M Olivia Lagina with Marty Lagina

The couple is very private about each other and has not shared the marriage date. It can be speculated that it was a long time ago. The couple shares a happy relation, and no news of their relationship breaking up can be heard.

M Olivia and Marty Lagina enjoying their time together
M Olivia and Marty Lagina enjoying their time together
Source: Facebook

The Intimate couple shares a loving bond. They have a son and a daughter. Their sons’ name is Alex Lagina, who also is a Reality TV star. Alex appeared in his father’s show and promotes their Winery now.

Their daughter’s name is Maddie Lagina. She is an amateur portrait artist for dogs and a Poetry Enthusiast.

Semi-Active on Facebook and some Life Events

M Olivia is semi-active on Facebook and shares some of her life events there. She has 230 friends and does not add anyone related to the media or the public. It could be that she is concerned about her family and private life.

In 2018, she had donated for the March of Dimes by Janna Elaine Brisco Stone. She also shows her affection for dogs. She shared a picture on Facebook with her dog in 2011.

Olivia with her dog in their spare time
Source: Facebook

She graduated from Rutgers College in 1977 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Also, she graduated from Ewing High School.

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