Body Measurement of Gilligan Stillwater

Height5 feet and 8 inches
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorBlonde

Personal Info of Gilligan Stillwater

Relationship of Gilligan Stillwater

  • Marital StatusMarried
  • SpouseBilly Gibbons
  • Married DateDecember 1, 2005

Other Information of Gilligan Stillwater

TV Show Criss Angel Mindfreak, The Snake and Mongoose Chronicles
Movies Snake & Mongoose

Ellen J. Oetjen was born in the United States on 8 March 1965 but is best known as Gilligan Stillwater. She got into fame for being the wife of ZZ Top’s musician Billy Gibbons. Billy is known as one of the greatest rock guitarists to date.

During the Vietnam tension, which resulted in the US’s participation, Gilligan was native to deploy troops in Vietnam during what was known as the Vietnam War. Her family isn’t well known, but later she disassociated herself with her name, turning Ellen Oetjen into Gilligan Stillwater.

Net Worth of Gilligan Stillwater

The net worth of Gilligan Stillwater remains unrevealed, particularly because her career does not contain much information except that for the last ten years, she was the manager of ZZ Top. Gilligan has starred in some movies, too, which could have earned her quite a profit.

Being the manager, she certainly could have earned a fortune. But the exact amount is unknown as per date. Besides her own Net Worth, her husband Billy has a massive Net Worth.

Gilligan undoubtedly profits from Billy’s musical success, as he has an approximate net worth of over $60 million. He has launched his solo career and collaborated with other bands through ZZ Top.

The couple lives a luxurious life without anyone disturbing the privacy. They certainly have a luxury vehicle and a living place.

Married life of Gilligan Stillwater

For a long time, she met Billy Gibbons and had a long-lasting friendship. The couple did not look for marriage in the beginning. The theory of Billy was that, since life is short, he wanted to experience everything first. He eventually agreed that they should try to marry, and obviously, each of them did not regret the decision.

Billy Gibbons with his wife, Gilligan
Billy Gibbons with his wife, Gilligan
Source: Pinterest

The couple has no children when they were married and do not look to have one soon. There are reports that he has a child and that it might be from previous relationships.

The couple also spends time together. Most of the time, she is seen with her husband touring around the world. She is often present in his shows, assisting him in the background.

Famous Husband of Gilligan Stillwater

Billy grew up in Houston, Texas and his father, both an orchestra conductor and a concert pianist had his musical inclinations. Billy watched an Elvis Presley performance at the age of five and, at a recording session by BB King, joined his dad two years later.

He liked music and learnt to play percussion at first. His father sent him later to study guitar in New York – at the age of thirteen, he kept his first electric guitar. At that time, Jimmy Reed was one of his guitar influences.

Annual Guitar Legend Benefit Concert from Billy
Annual Guitar Legend Benefit Concert from Billy
Source: Instagram

After his high school graduation, he studied at an art school in Hollywood and played for bands most of his free time. At the age of eighteen, he formed up alongside Roky Erickson, a psychedelic band called The Moving Sidewalks.

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