Current Networth : $5

Grab all details of Cory Spinks Net worth, Father, Wife.

Networth Facts of Cory Spinks

Year Amount (Source)
1997 $1000
2003 $2
2010 $4
2013 $5

Salary of Cory Spinks

Year Amount (Source)
1997-2013 $5000000

Vehicle of Cory Spinks

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Body Measurement of Cory Spinks

Height5 Ft. 9 In.
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Personal Info of Cory Spinks

Relationship of Cory Spinks

  • Marital StatusMarried
  • SpouseChristie Spinks
  • Children3
  • FatherLeon Spinks
  • UncleMichael Spinks

Other Information of Cory Spinks

Award Undisputed Welterweight Title

Many of you might know the boxing tycoon Cory Spinks from his marvelous boxing fights. Who would miss the Light welterweight champ who has set a record of 39 wins, 11 wins by KO in a total of 47 fights, right? And also the son of Leon Spinks who defeated Muhammad Ali.

With his marvelous career, Spinks fans also seem to be curious regarding Cory’s net worth. personal details like his father, wife, age, and house. So in order to learn all the details of his lavish lifestyle here, we present you with all the details.

Cory Spinks Net Worth

Overlooking at The Light Welterweight champion astounding career chart it’s for sure that The Next Generation star has bagged himself a net worth in millions. And we do not wring either as the champ Cory Spinks holds an envying net worth of $5 million.

Self made millionaire.
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Boxers get million from just playing a match and when it comes to champions like Cory who has won 47 fights, he surely has bagged a lot of cash. Cory also has some of the champion trophies like Undisputed Welterweight Champion, Junior Middleweight Champion. So analyzing Cory’s career Spinks’ worth is assumed to be around $5 million.

Cory’s Father is Former World Heavyweight Champion

Like father like son, Cory’s the son of former heavyweight champion Leon Spinks and also the nephew of former World Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight champion Michael Spinks.

Leon throwing a Knock Out punch on Ali Face.
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Yes, Leo is the one who defeated Muhammad Ali for the world heavyweight title on September 15, 1978. Unfortunately, the legend passes on gloomy Friday on February 5, 2021. Leon will be forever remembered through boxing.

Talking to RingTv, Cory Spinks shared,

I wanted to fight Floyd (Mayweather Jr.). We almost came to a deal after the first Zab (Judah) fight but it didn’t happen,” he explained. “I flew to New York and signed a contract but, instead of fighting me, he fought (Carlos) Baldomir. I thought it was going to happen. A chess match of two great defensive fighters, I think it would have been exciting.

Boxing in blood, combing all the heir, Cory’s net worth is more than $5 minion. We have come up with the assumption taking the mean value as the boxer has not revealed much about the property. But he is a world champion who surely carries fortune in millions.

Who is Spinks? Mr. Spinks Wife

Cory is blissfully living his marital life with Christie Spinks. The couple is also the parents of three children. Not much information related to Spink’s personal life, wife Chrisite is available as the athlete prefers to keep his personal information confidential from the media.

Snippet of Mr. and Mrs. Spinks.
Image Source: RingTv

As of now, Cory lives in Florida and works as a personal trainer in Boca Raton where he coaches young children and adults. And make sure to be updated with us as we’ll shorty provide you with updates as soon as we get hands on them. Also, find the net worth and personal details of welterweight champion Keith Thurman.

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