Andy LaPlegua

Ole Anders Olsen known by the stage name Andy LaPlegua is a musician and singer from Norway who is originally known for being the founder and the lead vocalist of the futurepop band Icon of Coil. Also, he gained the popularity in the aggrotech and electro-industrial genres as founder and the lead vocalist of Combichrist […]

Gracie Haschak

If you are familiar with the Haschak Sisters then you might recognize the second sibling in the pack, Gracie Haschak. Together with her sisters, she has opened up a YouTube Channel which is subscribed by nearly 8 million people. Their professional journey started on 5 February 2008 when they opened up a YouTube account. Today […]

Jerid Yaw

Jerid Yaw is an underground hip hop artist and owner of Language Arts Clothing Company. He was born in Long Beach, in June 29, 1985.He’s the older brother of mega successful YouTuber Shane Dawson, star of the internet series, Shane Dawson TV.His mother, Teresa Yaw created her own channel called MaMa Dawson. He is known as CoolGuyWithGlasses […]

Scott Woodruff

Scott Woodruff is a Reggae singer, producer, and songwriter. He is popular as a band member and producer of the reggae band Stick Figure. Scott founded the band in 2006 and has released several hit songs. Woodruff’s band’s sixth album Set in Stone reached number on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart and Heatseekers Albums chart […]