Gilligan Stillwater

Ellen J. Oetjen was born in the United States on 8 March 1965 but is best known as Gilligan Stillwater. She got into fame for being the wife of ZZ Top’s musician Billy Gibbons. Billy is known as one of the greatest rock guitarists to date. During the Vietnam tension, which resulted in the US’s […]

Chelcie Lynn

Social media personality and Actress Chelcie Lynn are famous for her movies and post vines in the Vines app. After the vine app was discontinued, she moved to Instagram. Mostly, Chellie is known for her acting in the movie “Tangerine.” Chelcie had her vine debut in July of 2013 when she posted her first Vine. […]

Kristine Saryan

Famously known as Chrissy in the show Gilmore Girls, Kristine Saryan is a famous Actress. She has played a few more roles that got her into the eye of the media. Kristine is also married to Scott Patterson and got extra fame from the baseball community. The actress has played roles in “Kidnapped: The Hannah […]

Spencer Richmond

Born to Jaclyn Smith, Spencer Richmond, is born Celebrity. Besides her mother being famous, she herself also has appeared in different TV-Series which cast her mother. Being born a celebrity child will give you a fulfilling childhood like that of Spencer. Richmond’s family took care of their daughter, Spencer, splendidly. Spencer’s family even made her […]

Lesley Moors

Coming into fame through her husband, Alex Jennings, is Lesley Moors. They met for the first time at the University of Warwick when they were teenagers. The couple is still together, not missing a chance to be side to each other. Lesley has played in some movies. They studied together where Alex was theatre studies. […]